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Q? What paper work will I need to rent?

A/ The first step that will start the rental process is to fill out our application form, once the apartment has been found, you'll be given the “Document Needed Form” which enlists the information required. The agent will walk you through each item and will explain you the importance of each of them.

Q? How important are credit reports?

A/ Credit Reports are always run on every applicant or guarantor. Unfortunately , credit reports obtained on your own aren’t accepted. A major part of your approval process is based on your credit report . If you think your credit isn’t good , be sure to advice your agent; doing so will allow your agent to properly prepare for the process. Different landlord have different ways of dealing with credit issues, we will guide you in a way that will save you time, money and a lot of frustration .

Q? Do I need a Guarantor ?

A/ A guarantor is someone who is willing to guarantee your lease . If you don’t meet the financial and credit requirements a guarantor might be the solution. If you think you might need a guarantor please advice your agent so that we could prepare your application efficiently

Q? What paper work will I need to sale?

A/ It is very important to gather your paperwork in advance but you are welcome to come in to our office and get an advice from the broker, who will explain you process for buying . Upon the first meeting you'll start to work with us and will begin to view available houses .

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